#BloggerBlockParty and HGTV Magazine Event in NYC

Close your eyes and imagine your dream craft night. Are you painting on a blank canvas, while maybe sipping some Prosecco? Are you chatting it up with other DIY-ers, sharing tips and winning free swag? Perhaps you're perfecting the perfect dinner table and learning how to decorate your home with HGTV star and design guru Genevieve Gorder. If any or all of the above sound right to you, then you know where I was last night: The 2nd Annual Blogger Block Party, hosted by HGTV Magazine in New York City. 



My good friend Nikki invited me last week to join her after she'd received an email invite from HGTV. Nikki and I affectionately refer to ourselves as the craft twins. And with good reason-- we love DIY, we love art, and we love a good silly photo op (see below as proof). After all, we do work in social media...

I was thoroughly impressed by the #BloggerBlockParty, designated as a day for crafty people alike to test out new products, watch panels and share what they learned on different platforms. Upon arrival Nikki and I were handed magazines, tote bags and a schedule of events. We were also handed Prosecco, and who doesn't love Prosecco?

Inside, the event was modern and appealing with a variety of activities set up for attendees to enjoy. Nikki and I first made our way over to the green 'grass' area, in front of brightly colored doors where you could take your picture. We immediately noticed the amazing Genevieve Gorder taking photos with fans. We waited a short while for our photo with her, but for great reason; ever so gracious, Genevieve made a point of chatting thoroughly with each person who greeted her, not only signing autographs and giving hugs but also taking time to answer individual questions. She gave us tips on how to decorate a home that worked for both men and women ('Use bright colors.' 'Even if there are 17 girls and 1 guys, you can and should still keep a balance between masculinity and femininity.') She was lovely, and I was very happy to meet her.


Moving along, Nikki and I found our way to the terrarium station, where we created little plants with help from event staff. They were made from black sand, pebbles and moss. My gardening skills are not quite up to par with my knitting skills, so let's hope this little guy lives :)


Finally, we put our creativity to the test and designed some table settings. Who knew throwing a fake dinner party could be so inspiring?


Party tip: invite guests to share their favorite foods with each other and watch all your friends make new friends! 

I really had such a great time at this event, and wish I'd been able to come early for the full day. Till next year...

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