Photoshoots and Facelifts

My shop is getting a facelift.

Several weeks ago I had the good fortune to have fashion blogger and photographer Jen Hsieh at my house, shooting a new crop of beautiful photos for my shop (see here). I'd been in need for a long time because, let's face it, amateur iPhone photos can only go so far!

        Jen Hsieh photographing the Duo Slouch Knit Beanie


I was so amazed with Jen's creativity and ability to bring my products to life. She made it seem easy (though of course it's not).

         Knit Napkin Rings in Brown


         Crochet Wrist Warmers in Fall Color

I learned a lot from her too, for example:

1. With the right tools and the right light, you can create an at-home studio anywhere.

2. White seamless makes everything betterSeriously. I mean how amazing do these photos look?

3. Prep for your shoot ahead and think about adding context to your photos with props. A prop can be anything you have in the house-- a book, flowers, confetti, balloons. There is no limit to creativity! Just have fun with it.

                            The master at work!


       Me! Modeling the Knit Lounge Beanie

I can't wait to show you all the rest of the photos (soon!) and to debut my new products! 

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Yay changes!

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