[Instagram Giveaway] Happy Birthday, Slope Girl Knits!

Today, my shop turns 2.

And this is me, at age 2. 


90's jeans jumper, bright yellow heart-shaped sunglasses and all. Sometimes, it's takes time to grow into your cool...

But you know what's always cool and NEVER out of a style? A big, month-long birthday celebration...with an INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY!


This whole weekend, you'll have a chance to win a $20 gift card to Slope Girl Knits, by following the simple steps below on Instagram!

Click here to start by following @slopegirlknits on IG. 

I've been so fortunate these past two years to do what I love and make products people enjoy. I've learned so much about owning a business and about knitting and crocheting. I have met SO MANY fantastic people and sent my products around the world and the 50 states. I can't believe some of the amazing custom orders I've had the privilege to design, and that's because of all of you!

You guys are amazing, and I can't thank you enough.

...and stay tuned for more birthday surprises all month! :)

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